Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets 02/10

The latest Weekly Top 5 Performing Assets being traded on Saturn Exchange. Learn about the best performing ETH and ETC tokens.

Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets 02/10

Let's take a look at Saturn Exchange's top 5 performing assets over the past 7 days, from 24/09 to 01/10. The metric used to create our rankings is top USD volume over the period, to be as accurate as possible the calculation takes into account the price of ETH or ETC at the moment of the trade.

Yesterday we looked out weekly exchange statistics overall, be sure to give it a read first if you missed it.

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 01/10
Over 640 trades, 264 orders created, $13,496 trading volume and 55 new users spotted! Here are our latest trading stats on ETH and ETC.

Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets

1. Saturn DAO Token (SATURN)

This week $SATURN has remained as our top performing asset with a trading volume of $6,525 over 183 trades and we saw 25 unique traders operating on its market. We will have to see how long it takes for another token to take the top position?

Check SATURN price
  • Buys: 150
  • Sells: 33
  • Volume: ~36 ETH
  • USD Volume: $6,525

2. Saturn Classic DAO Token (STRN)

And $STRN has kept its second place position with a trading volume of $4,849 over 338 trades. This week we saw 44 unique traders on its market, not as many as last week, though it still remains our most actively traded asset on the platform.

Check STRN price
  • Buys: 269
  • Sells: 69
  • Volume: ~1051 ETC
  • USD Volume: $4,849

3. Ace Wins (ACE)

Though the $ACE/ETH market saw a drop in activity it still kept its third place position due to trades being much larger in value. This week we saw a trading volume of $3,106 across 17 trades and saw 15 unique traders operating on its market.

Check ACE price
  • Buys: 8
  • Sells: 9
  • Volume: ~17 ETH
  • USD Volume: $3,106

4. ONEX Network (ONEX)

This week $ONEX creeped up a position! Though, the ONEX/ETC market could definitely do with seeing some more activity. We did see quite a bit of promotional activity on Twitter from ONEX lately, hopefully, this will bring in a refreshed interest to their market. We saw a trading volume of $120 across 13 trades, with 9 unique traders being spotted.

Check ONEX price
  • Buys: 10
  • Sells: 3
  • Volume: 26 ETC
  • USD Volume: $120

5. Asian Dragon (AD)

A new token in our Top5 performing cryptocurrency assets. This week $AD saw a trading volume of $43 across 6 trades. Not really very active at all, and all the trades were buys. This project's order book is very unhealthy with a big imbalance between buy and sell orders. Pretty much a perfect example of why we recommend running Market Maker Bot to ensure your token markets look attractive to traders and cryptocurrency investors.

Check AD price
  • Buys: 6
  • Sells: 0
  • Volume: ~0.24 ETH
  • USD Volume: $43

Happy trading!

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