Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets 13/11

Latest Top 5 Performing Token Asset Rankings are out! Learn about the strongest performing ETH, ETC tokens trading on Saturn Network.

Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets 13/11

We have seen quite a few changes in our Top 5 Performing Token Assets this week, namely with $SATURN being knocked off the top position. As you may have guessed if you have read our weekly trading summary, our Ethereum markets have continued to dominate the Top 5 rankings. We now only find $STRN as an Ethereum Classic asset in our Top 5, and even so it has dropped another position.

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 13/11
667 completed trades, 366 created orders and 22 new users, which generated over 156 ETH and 826 ETC in trading volume. That is roughly $33,050 USD in weekly volume.

How do we calculate our rankings?

We cover the last 7 days of trading, in this case from 05/11 to 12/11, and use total trading volume in USD as the main metric to put together these rankings. However, to ensure our calculations are accurate we take into account the price of ETH or ETC at the moment of the trade.

Top 5 Performing Token Assets

1. Ace Wins (ACW)

This week the $ACW came flying up the rankings, moving into 1st from being 5th last week! We saw a total of $15,532 in trading volume which was generated across 28 trades, with 16 traders taking part. Traders appeared to look favourably to Ace Win's recent website updates and new poker platform going live, which caused the token's price to surge and as a result also trigger some selling.

Check ACW price
  • Buys: 11
  • Sells: 17
  • Volume: ~82 ETH
  • USD Volume: $15,532
Ace Wins Token Profile | What is ACW?
What is Ace Wins? ACE is a ERC20 Ethereum token tradable on Saturn Exchange. The project operates in the online casino space, here you can find their project and token details.

2. Saturn DAO Token (SATURN)

Our $SATURN/ETH market was not able to keep up with $ACW,dropping down to second position for the first time in several weeks. We saw a total trading volume of $8,055 across 108 trades which was generated by 19 traders. This means the $SATURN/ETH market stayed very consistent compared to last week, with roughly the same trading activity.

Check SATURN price
  • Buys: 85
  • Sells: 23
  • Volume: ~42 ETH
  • USD Volume: $8,055
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3. Getmoder (GTMR)

Though GTMR has also dropped a position, it has continued to trade strongly this past week and overall volume increased along with activity with 9 traders being spotted on their market. In total the $GTMR/ETH market saw a trading volume of $4,493 across 29 trades.

Check GTMR price
  • Buys: 18
  • Sells: 11
  • Volume: ~23 ETH
  • USD Volume: $4,493
What is Getmoder?
What is Getmoder? GTMR token is a project in the lending industry, a platform for crypto backed loan that is fast and easy. Find project details and learn about GTMR.

4. Saturn Classic DAO Token (STRN)

$STRN saw some impressive price gains this week, though it continues to be an asset that favours small value trades. Overall, we saw a trading volume of $3,805 across 382 trades, with 34 traders seen trading STRN/ETC. Once again it is our platforms favourite asset to trade!

Check STRN price
  • Buys: 248
  • Sells: 134
  • Volume: ~786 ETC
  • USD Volume: $3,805
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5. ScudoCash (SCUDO)

$SCUDO was able to keep itself in our crypto token rankings, nabbing the 5th spot with the SCUDO/ETH market market seeing a total trading volume of $1,020 across 23 trades - so very consistent crypto trading activity when compared to last week.

Check SCUDO price
  • Buys: 23
  • Sells: 0
  • Volume: ~5 ETH
  • USD Volume: $1,020
What is ScudoCash?
What is ScudoCash? Learn more about SCUDO and their decentralized marketplace called BitBazar. Here you can find project and token details.

Happy trading!

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