Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets 13/12

Our first Top 5 Performing Token Asset Rankings for December. Learn about the most actively traded ETH and ETC assets on Saturn ranked by USD volume.

Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets 13/12

Our first Top 5 Performing Token Assets rankings of December have seen quite the shake up with new Ethereum tokens entering our rankings and $STRN making a move towards the top! As seen in our exchange summary, our ETH markets are currently seeing more interest, with trade activity picking up around various different tokens. On Ethereum Classic, trading has been concentrated around $STRN which is why it has moved up the rankings.

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 21/11
590 completed trades, 691 orders created, 50 news users, 7 new tokens listed - which generated 68 ETH and 1002 ETC in trading volume. Since launch our smart contracts have now seen over $380,721 USD go through them!

How do we calculate our token rankings?

We cover a 7 day period of trading on our platform, in this case from 03/12 to 10/12, and use total trading volume in USD as the main metric to put together these rankings. However, to ensure our calculations are accurate we take into account the price of ETH or ETC at the moment of the trade.

Top 5 Performing Token Assets

1. Getmoder (GTMR)

GTMR token continues to top our weekly rankings with a total of 29 trades being made which generated a trading volume of 29 ETH so roughly around $3,459. As per our breakdown in the monthly exchange summary of November, the sentiment around GTMR continues to be bullish with 23 buys compared to 6 sells.

Check GTMR price
  • Buys: 23
  • Sells: 6
  • Volume: ~29 ETH
  • USD Volume: $3,459
What is Getmoder?
What is Getmoder? GTMR token is a project in the lending industry, a platform for crypto backed loan that is fast and easy. Find project details and learn about GTMR.

2. Saturn Classic DAO Token (STRN)

Perhaps surprisingly as our ETC markets are currently moving a little slow, $STRN has had a strong week of trading, seeing 263 trades completed with 34 traders seen trading STRN/ETC. This resulted in 373 ETC of volume which is roughly $1,442

Check STRN price
  • Buys: 165
  • Sells: 145
  • Volume: ~373 ETC
  • USD Volume: $1,442
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Read the latest news about Ethereum Classic, the immutable and unstoppable chain. Find ETC price analysis, blockchain development, smart contract tutorials.

3. Cache (CACHE)

$CACHE enters our token rankings for the first time this week, with 18 trades being completed and 7 traders being spotted on this market. Overall with 12 buys and 6 sells, we saw 9.5 ETH in trading volume which is around $1,370.

Check CACHE price
  • Buys: 12
  • Sells: 6
  • Volume: ~9.5 ETH
  • USD Volume: $1,370

4. Saturn DAO Token (SATURN)

Our $SATURN/ETH was a little less active this week in terms of volume, it appears the week was dominated by small value trades. We saw 22 traders operating on our SATURN/ETH market who completed 38 trades, this generated 7 ETH in trading volume which is around $1040.

Check SATURN price
  • Buys: 23
  • Sells: 15
  • Volume: ~7 ETH
  • USD Volume: $1040
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$TEEN was able to narrowly stay in our weekly rankings with 26 trades completed. This week we saw 8 traders operate on the TEEN/ETH market which generated 6.9 ETH in trading volume which is around $998. Overall sentiment on TEEN is currently quite bearish with more sells than buys, however, they did recently do a fairly large airdrop so it could simply be airdrop receivers selling off their free tokens.

Check TEEN price
  • Buys: 8
  • Sells: 18
  • Volume: ~6.9 ETH
  • USD Volume: $998

Happy trading!

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