Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets 24/09

Here Sam provides a Weekly Top 5 Performing Assets from Saturn Exchange. Learn about the best performing ETH and ETC tokens.

Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets 24/09

Here we will look at Saturn Exchange's top 5 performing assets over the past 7 days, from 16/09 to 23/09. The metric used to create the rankings is top USD volume over the period, regardless of which chain (Ethereum or Ethereum Classic), the token is trading on. My reasoning behind this metric as a performance indicator is that a healthy and performing asset should be trading actively on our platform.

Analysing Order Books and Depth of Market Explained
Here we learn how to read an order book, analyse the order flow and depth of market to monitor a token market’s overall health.

To calculate an asset's trading volume in USD accurately over the period, we take into account the price of ETH or ETC at the time of the trade and not the what the USD price is right now.

Weekly Top 5 Performing Token Assets

1. Saturn DAO Token (SATURN)

This week $SATURN was our top performing asset with a trading volume of $6,501 over 167 trades and we saw 30 unique traders operating on its market.

Check SATURN price
  • Buys: 117
  • Sells: 50
  • Volume: ~33 ETH
  • USD Volume: $6,501

2. Saturn Classic DAO Token (STRN)

In second place we find $STRN with a trading volume of $6,049 over 353 trades. This is our most actively traded asset, we spotted 60 unique traders operating on its market.

Check STRN price
  • Buys: 260
  • Sells: 93
  • Volume: ~1053 ETC
  • USD Volume: $6,049

3. Ace Wins (ACE)

Though not as active in terms of actual trades made, $ACE still performed strongly this week with a trading volume of over $5,962 across 36 trades. We spotted 22 traders operating on the ACE/ETH market this week!

Check ACE price
  • Buys: 21
  • Sells: 15
  • Volume: ~30 ETH
  • USD Volume: $5,962

4. Bitcoin Classic Token (BCT)

It was quite a slow week of trading on BCT/ETC market, with not much activity at all and only 13 traders spotted. We saw a trading volume of $136 across 16 trades. We also saw that traders are quite bearish on $BCT right now, with more sells than buys. Hopefully next week the tides will turn?

Check BCT price
  • Buys: 3
  • Sells: 13
  • Volume: ~23 ETC
  • USD Volume: $136

5. ONEX Network (ONEX)

And lastly, $ONEX just about limped into our top5 this week. We saw a trading volume of $115 across just 14 trades. Historically, the ONEX/ETC market has been one of the most active, but more recently trading activity has gone down. Their order book still looks very healthy, so it may just be a case of traders are unsure what the fair price for $ONEX should currently be? Let's hope they make up their minds during this next week of trading!

Check ONEX price
  • Buys: 9
  • Sells: 5
  • Volume: 20 ETC
  • USD Volume: $115

Happy trading!

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