What is Ethereum Classic?

Those who have followed the history of crypto know that Ethereum Classic is the original. And those that have followed ETC, know that ClassicIsComing!

What is Ethereum Classic?

The chain that survived against all odds. Those who have followed the history of crypto know that Ethereum Classic is the original Ethereum chain, continuation of the original idea of an individual having sovereignty over their assets. When the DAO incident occurred in 2016 the Ethereum Foundation had a lot of vested interests in changing the course of history and bailing themselves out. To this date, the code of Ethereum (ETH) chain contains the shameful list of accounts whose rights were violated by what essentially amounts to a political play.

Ethereum Classic $ETC

  • Ticker: ETC
  • Consensus: Proof of Work
  • Block time: 15 sec

Despite the Ethereum Foundation's best efforts to destroy the chain whose supporters refused to participate in violation of EVM rules the chain survived and is now ushering into a renaissance. We are proud to have contributed greatly to this cause, having developed the first dapp wallet, the first dapp and having created ETC token economy that in less than a year has gone from $0 total market cap to over one million dollars.

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Recent price rally of ETC can largely be attributed to the fact that Atlantis hard fork is coming up soon, which will enable more EVM features and give dapp developers more tools to work with and develop better products. The more dapps, the more products the chain has, the more active users it can attract, the higher demand for its base currency and thus the higher the price. The best thing you can do to help your chain grow is to invest in developers.

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Future is bright!

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