What is Ethereum?

Here we take a look at the EVM blockchain pioneer, the OG smart contract chain: Ethereum. Good or bad? ETH is changing the course of human history.

What is Ethereum?

The pioneer. The OG smart contract chain. The smart contract daddy. There are many ways to describe the Ethereum platform, good and bad. One thing is certain though - Ethereum has already made a huge impact on the course of human history and it is only getting bigger now.

Ethereum is a public and open sourced blockchain based platform created by Vitalik Buterin that features smart contracts. Many refer to it as the start of what is known as Blockchain 2.0, because it is used to create and power applications that are outside the realm of being solely an accounting method for digital currencies. If you want a quick way to understand the differences, the technology allows Saturn Network to run on ETH but it would not be possible to run this same technology on Bitcoin.

Ethereum $ETH

  • Ticker: ETH
  • Consensus: Proof of Work
  • Block time: 15 sec

Despite some of the ideological differences early on (such as famous theDAO hard fork), and the narrative that Ethereum is centralized around Vitalik, Infura and Consensys which may or may not be true, Ethereum offers high security of financial transactions at high speed and low fees, and allows developers to create dApps and their own digital assets, further adding to the chain's usefulness.

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Ethereum's leadership quickly realized that the smart contract chain is only as useful as the dapps that it hosts and thus have invested heavily into its development tools. Perhaps the single most important dev tools project is the Truffle Suite - which by the way recently got a huge grant to port their tools to Tezos, so watch this space!

We have put together a whole catalog of overviews focusing on various EVM blockchains for you. All chains that one day may dominate the dApps space and feature Saturn Network, such as CLO, RSK, ETC, TRON, ADA (Cardano) and many others.

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Future is bright!

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