What is Saturn DAO?

Saturn DAO collects fees from exchange and pays dividends to stakeholders

We are committed to building technology and infrastructure that is accessible to everyone, remains forever decentralized and is fair. This is why we have designed our protocol with shared ownership in mind, holding SATURN tokens means you are a part of Saturn DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation).

Too many times in our industry have we seen the users and consumers fall victim to the imbalance of power that fraudulent project leaders or dishonest exchange owners have over them. Saturn DAO ensures that our cryptocurrency exchange protocol is built for the people and governed by the people. Changes to the protocol can only be made if you vote for them to happen with your tokens.


The SATURN token allows you to participate and start votes, which are then enforced by Saturn DAO, this is not just development feedback as voting results will be enforced by smart contracts. Scenarios of use would be things such as changing the default exchange fees, upgrading the protocol to ensure we remain competitive or paying out dividends from collected trading fees to token holders.

Saturn DAO can not be switched off, and it can never be abandoned as every participant is part of the team. Bitcoin has never registered anywhere and is working long after Satoshi has disappeared. We have the same vision for Saturn DAO, that it will continue to function forever, staying forever true to its cause.

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