What is Saturn Network?

We are a collection of services for cryptocurrency owners, businesses, investors, traders, and developers. Our mission is to build the necessary tools that make working with cryptocurrencies easy, ensuring that everyone has equal access to a financial freedom that champions decentralization. We remove the barriers for starting blockchain businesses and enable them to scale, as we do not limit ourselves to one space of the industry or close our technology into one chain.

Saturn Ecosystem Example

Saturn Protocol is our architecture for how a decentralized shared order book should be designed, accessed and governed. It is the technology behind our multi chain decentralized exchange, and many of our crypto services and products. Our cryptocurrency exchange operates completely on chain featuring wallet to wallet trading in just one transaction, it is censorship resistant and can never be turned off - it is unstoppable.

Saturn Network Exchange Logo

Being a decentralized exchange you will never be at risk of losing control of your funds, all trading happens peer-to-peer with no need to make any deposits or withdrawals. There are no barriers to entry, you do not need to create an account or submit to any KYC procedures. Our platform supports free automated token self listing and is built entirely with shared ownership in mind to ensure there is no imbalance of power.

No matter how you enter Saturn Ecosystem, you will become an essential part of our development team by holding SATURN tokens and being part of Saturn DAO.

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