Whitepaper v1.2 Released

You can now find Saturn Network's whitepaper v1.2 on our forum for easy navigation. We will continue to update it as we progress.

Whitepaper v1.2 Released

We have now finished updating our whitepaper to version 1.2 and released it on our forum, this brings our documentation in line with what we outlined in our most recent update post. You will now find updated sections that go over our decentralized loyalty program, Saturn DAO activation and the algorithm for scaling into a new blockchain. Please note this is a work in progress, and we will continue to update as we move along with releases.

If you are already familiar with our initial whitepaper, here are the updated sections linked directly:

Where is the PDF?

We felt that given the direction of our project the forum is a much better-suited outlet for our whitepaper, a PDF offers you little chance to directly ask a question if something does not make sense to you and can quickly become cumbersome to navigate.

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Our forum lets you read what interests you and if something is unclear, you can immediately ask a question. Then you can continue reading knowing you will get clarification later or even wait for an answer before reading more. Just ask yourself how many times you closed a PDF because you did not really understand the key concepts of the project or the language used: it might even have been quite frustrating? Did you go back to it? Probably not.

Can quickly be updated

Furthermore, we want to have the possibility of quickly updating details in line with our product releases. You just have to look back at the past few months to understand how this makes more sense for us, Saturn Wallet, for example, is not mentioned in our original whitepaper.

As we continue to grow and our products are updated, or as we saw with Saturn Wallet maybe entire new ones are needed, we see our whitepaper becoming more of a wiki style of resources that covers everything Saturn Network is doing. A PDF file will quickly become outdated information which will not be useful for anyone.

We hope you find the new sections interesting, please do not hesitate to provide feedback and ask any questions.

Happy reading!

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